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Product Help

My battery is not charging?

What charger are you using? All Norsk Lithium ice fishing batteries will only work with their respective Norsk Lithium Chargers.

Please make sure you are using the charger associated with your battery:


Battery Charger Rapid Charger
Norsk Lithium 7.5AH Battery 2A 12.6v Norsk Lithium Charger None
Norsk Lithium 15AH Battery 2A 12.6v Norsk Lithium Charger 7A 12.6v Norsk Lithium Rapid Charger
Norsk Lithium 20AH Battery 3A 16.8v Norsk Lithium Charger 7A 16.8V Norsk Lithium Rapid Charger
Norsk Lithium 32AH Battery 3A 16.8v Norsk Lithium Charger 7A 16.8V Norsk Lithium Rapid Charger
How long does it take to charge my ice fishing battery?
  • The amount of time required to charge a Norsk Lithium ice-fishing battery depends primarily on two factors.First, the battery’s capacity, expressed in Amp Hours.  Second, the output of the charger, expressed in Amps.

    The time it takes to charge a battery comes down to how many amp hours need to be put back into the battery and how many amps of output coming from the charger.

    “If a 20 Amp Hour battery has been discharged 50%, 10 Amp Hours need to be replaced.  If the charger being used to recharge the battery outputs 2 Amps, the battery in question will be fully recharged in 5 hours.” – James Holst

    The larger the lithium battery’s capacity, the longer it will take the battery to charge.  Here are the charge times you can anticipate.

    Using Standard Charger:

    Using Rapid Charger:

How do I resolve an issue with my product?

Please use the contact us form for any questions not answered here.

I just purchased a Norsk Lithium battery and it is completely dead upon arrival. Is it defective?

We need to ship our lithium batteries at a state of charge not exceeding 30% of their rated capacity so it is not uncommon to receive a new battery completely dead.

My charger is getting hot while charging

This is absolutely normal – during the charging process your charger could become warm to the touch. This does not indicate an issue with the battery or charger and will not damage either.

Where can I find a user manual for my battery?

You can download our user guides here:

Ice Lithium-Ion Batteries ▸
Marine LiFePo4 Batteries ▸