Norsk Lithium 12V 15AH Lithium Ion Battery w/ 2A Charger Kit | 2X Built in USB Ports | Ultra Light 2.6 LBS | 1000+ Charge Cycles | Charger Included


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Warranty: 2 Years

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Our best-selling lithium ion battery pummels the competition. On its watch, most common sonar units with screens up to 7″ thrive with over 15 hours of runtime. Weighing in at merely 2.6lbs, Norsk’s 15Ah lithium battery is more than three times lighter than a lead-acid battery equivalent. The compact size (5.94 X 2.56 X 3.66 In) is expertly designed to be the perfect drop-in replacement to upgrade your ice-fishing electronics and provide the performance you deserve.