Bobby Lane


Professional Angler & Redcrest Champion

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Largemouth Bass

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Bobby Lane, is a proud Florida native and a distinguished angler renowned for his exceptional achievements in the world of professional bass fishing. Boasting the rare distinction of being both a REDCREST Champion and a Bassmaster Elite Series winner, Lane has firmly established himself as one of the elite few in the global angling community.

In 2017, Bobby Lane secured victory at the MLF General Tire World Championship, showcasing his unparalleled skills and determination on the water. His triumph in this prestigious event marked a pivotal moment in his career, setting the stage for even greater successes to come.

Fast forward to 2022, and Bobby Lane once again made waves in the bass fishing scene by clinching the coveted REDCREST title at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. This significant accomplishment solidified his status as a top-tier angler, adding another remarkable chapter to his already illustrious career.

In 2023, Norsk Lithium proudly welcomed Bobby Lane to its esteemed pro staff, recognizing his expertise and influence in the fishing world. Lane's partnership with Norsk Lithium is poised to bring a new level of dynamism and excellence to the collaborative efforts in the realm of professional angling. As an integral member of the Norsk Lithium pro staff, Bobby Lane continues to inspire and elevate the standards of bass fishing with his unparalleled skill, passion, and dedication.


“I was dealing with fishing in a lot of current at the recent St. Lawrence event. The combination of NORSK Lithium and the Power-Pole Move trolling motor was completely unlike any other boat, trolling motor, and battery combo I’ve ever run. I could never have done what I just did in New York with that current. I didn’t even have to crank up my big motor to go up current and make another drift. I put my trolling motor on anchor lock and it would sit absolutely perfect, even in the current. Finally, with NORSK Lithium I can go all day. And the beautiful thing is, I can see on the Guardian app how many hours my trolling motor will last given the speed it’s on. So, I know if I need to charge or not charge—or slow down or speed up. Having two 36 Volt batteries in the back of my boat is the fail-safe I’d spent years looking for, which gives me an entirely new level of confidence to fish how I need to. I can max out my motor all day and not have to worry about any power issues. That’s pretty cool.”