Rocky Vang


Kayak Angler

Home State:


Favorite Body Of Water:

Any New Lake or River

Target Species:


Favorite Norsk Product:

32AH 14.8V Lithium Battery


"A skunk day out on the water is better then sitting at home"

Growing up Rocky has always loved fishing; he would wake up early Sunday mornings not to watch cartoons but to watch Bill Dance Outdoors pull in these giant bass. Rocky first started kayak fishing right before it became really big. After fishing from a kayak for about a year, he started hearing about kayak bass fishing tournaments, and after his first tournament, he was hooked! Even though some of those tournaments didn't go as planned, it was always better than just sitting at home. During the winter time, he loves to get out on the ice and just fish for anything that would bite.


"I recently just got a boat and ran deep cycle batteries for my trolling motor, they lasted an hour at most. I decided to get two Norsk Lithium batteries for my trolling motor and it is one of the best decisions ever! When I go out I don’t have to worry about my trolling motor dying on me after a few outings without charging. If I ever have to second guess myself about the batteries, I just pull up the Guardian app to check how much juice is left and to my surprise, it hasn't even gone past halfway. I also use one of these batteries for my transom trolling motor for my kayak when I am doing kayak tournaments, it powers everything and lasts me all day and more!"