Troy Hansen


Catfish Tournament Angler

Home State:


Favorite Body Of Water:

Any Lake/River With Trophy Catfish

Target Species:

Channel Catfish

Favorite Norsk Product:

15Ah 11.1V Lithium Battery


"It's just a river, fish it!"

Troy is an accomplished Catfish Tournament Angler and founding member of Jon Boat Mafia. He has been featured in numerous catfishing articles including a few in In-Fisherman Magazine. He and his wife Amy ( and Remi the boat dog ) enjoy traveling the country chasing all kinds of trophy fish and camping on sandbars. Troy is always eager to share his catfishing wisdom with anyone who asks.


"I got 3 batteries for my 36 v Terrova. They pull my 21 ft deep V all day in the lake and run all day when bumping rivers for catfish! This tactic is a battery killer but it is no problem for the Norsks! I'm beyond happy with them. Added bonus; they are so light, installing them in the belly of my boat was a breeze, I gained a few mph and some extra distance on gas consumption."