15AH Lithium Ice Fishing Battery: The Best Battery for Your Ice Fishing Sonar Units

Ice fishing in the 21st century looks nothing like what your grandpa remembers.  Ice fishing sonar units have evolved at a breakneck pace, from the old spinning dial mechanical flasher to LCD displays.

These remarkable units offer real-time sonar returns and the ability to have multiple sonar views on the same screen, with GPS and 1-foot contour mapping… all in one unit.  Lord have mercy! 

With the rapid move away from the mechanical flasher, which could run for days on a standard lead acid battery, to sonar units that display all that brilliant information on 7” or larger LCD displays – new power supplies had to be found.

The standard lead acid battery just can’t run a 7” LCD sonar unit from sun up to sun down.  You don’t want to leave the ice early, do you?  Neither do we! 

Far too many anglers that were early adopters of LCD sonar units on ice found themselves in a love-hate relationship with the new technology.  

Sure, they loved the crisp, vivid display with GPS and mapping at their fingertips.  But they soon found they HATED how short the runtime was when powered with a 7-9 AH lead acid battery borrowed from their mechanical flasher unit.  

Five to seven hours of total runtime was common, forcing anglers to carry a spare battery.  Or two.  That is, until the lithium battery showed up on the scene.

Lithium technology offers huge weight savings and the capacity needed to run a 7” digital sonar unit, like the Humminbird Ice Helix, all day without ever having to worry about running short of power!

The Norsk Lithium 15 AH battery is the ideal power supply for digital sonar units, like the HumminBird Ice Helix 5 and 7 and the Gamin EchoMap UHD 73SV sonar bundle.  

Ancient Technology Can’t Compete for the Best Ice Fishing Bites 

Lead acid batteries have been the go-to battery for generations.  They are familiar and accessible.  

But also unreliable, bulky, inefficient, heavy, and a waste of your hard-earned cash.  


Image Credit: Powered Portable Solar

They can’t provide a full day’s runtime on a 7″ digital sonar unit, no matter how new the old lead acid battery is.  

7″ Ice sonar bundles sold by manufacturers that haven’t switched to lithium batteries simply don’t offer enough space in the shuttle itself to upgrade to a larger lead acid battery.  

Until you upgrade to a lithium ion ice fishing battery, you’re stuck with a cheap, weak, inefficient lead acid battery that won’t get the job done.  

If your lead acid battery is in its second year, you better ensure it’s good to go before you hit the ice.  If it’s in its third year, you may as well run to the store to grab a new one.  

There’s little chance it makes it to the end of the season.  And even if it does, it won’t have full power to make it to the end of the day.  

If you only want to fish for a couple of hours and buy a new ice fishing battery every year, you can stop reading now.  

But if you want to enjoy full days on the ice and have an ice fishing battery that will power your sonar units for decades, then we’ve got good news for you! 

You Deserve the Best Battery for Ice Fishing  

It’s one thing to do your best with what you have.  It’s another to be saddled with superstitions when reliable power is available.  

Are you aware of how inefficient lead-acid batteries are?  Check this out. 

  • Experience degradation with every use
  • Only supposed to be discharged up to 50% of capacity 
  • No “smart” features/incompatible with modern technology 

You don’t have to put up with this.  No one should.  Your limited time ice fishing is too valuable to be thwarted by an unreliable battery.  

Who wants to worry about whether your battery will power your 7″ Ice Helix or 7″ Garmin UHD SV past noon?  

Your budget shouldn’t be stressed by buying a replacement battery every other season.  

Don’t put up with geriatric or generic tech.  You’ve got fish to catch and memories to make.  

Norsk Lithium can help you.  

Introducing: Norsk’s 15Ah Lithium Ice Fishing Battery 

Norsk Lithium Charging Lithium Batteries in Freezing Temperatures web

The Norsk Lithium 15Ah Battery delivers what you need for the best ice fishing experience.  It’s our best-selling lithium ion battery for a reason. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though.  Sonar manufacturers like Humminbird tested batteries from various battery manufacturers for cold-weather performance, durability, and safety.

Norsk Lithium came out on top! 

That’s why Humminbird includes 20.8 AH batteries from Norsk Lithium in their bundled Mega 360 and Mega Live combo packages, and all 7” Ice Helix sonar bundles came from the factory with a Norsk Lithium 15 AH battery! 

You likely don’t have the time or resources to conduct exhaustive battery performance tests.  Thankfully, one of the leading names in sonar, Humminbird, has already done that.  

If it sounds like we’re bragging now, it’s because we are!    

You probably expect us to tell you we’re the best.  So when one of the most respected names in sonar provides its stamp of approval – that carries some weight.  

And we hope it gives you, our customer, the confidence to trust Norsk Lithium to power your ice electronics for years to come.

Our 15Ah lithium ice fishing battery pummels the competition at every point.  

Norsk 15Ah Lithium Ice Fishing Battery Specs

On its watch, 7” Ice Helix or 7” Garmin UHD SV thrive with over 15 hours of runtime.    The compact size (5.94 X 2.56 X 3.66 In) is expertly designed to be the perfect drop-in replacement to upgrade your ice-fishing electronics and provide the performance you deserve.  

Weighing in at merely 2.6lbs, Norsk’s 15Ah lithium battery is just about half the weight of a  lead-acid battery equivalent.  With Norsk powering your passion, you can be mobile on the ice.  

When your 7” digital sonar tells you the best bites are waiting across the lake, you don’t want to be stuck hauling lead across the frozen water.  You need to pack up and move.  Quickly.   

Norsk 15Ah Lithium Ice Fishing Battery Performance 

This lightweight beast is all gas, no brakes.  It pumps out power with no degradation.  The first 10% of the 15 Ah lithium ice fishing battery’s discharge will be just as potent as the last 10%.  You won’t have to worry about your electronics slowly fading as the day goes on.  

Norsk’s 15Ah lithium ice fishing battery can handle the cold like a champ.  The lithium technology allows the lithium ice fishing battery to power your ice fishing electronics with no issue.  

When the day is done, you will need to wait for the battery’s internal temperature to reach 32F before it will receive a charge.  

With the proper care, the Norsk 15Ah lithium ice fishing battery will run for over 1,000 charge cycles.  This means you could fish 25 days a year for 50 years!

What would you give to be able to fish that much?!   

An Ice Fishing Battery for the 21st Century 

Outdoor fishing enthusiasts engineer our batteries.  We make the best rechargeable lithium ice fishing battery– because WE want the best technology to power our passion.  

Our competition-crushing features can’t be beaten.  

Dual USB Ports 

Norsk Lithium 15ah battery showing duel USB ports

The Norsk 15Ah ice fishing battery’s patent-pending, dual USB ports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the world you live in. 

These allow you to power your cell phone, go-pro, or nearly any USB-compatible device while your lithium ice fishing battery powers your fish finder.  

When deciding between a battery with the ability to power USB devices and a battery that doesn’t offer this capability, we think the decision is obvious. 

More flexibility, more features, and more functionality – with little to no added cost – means Norsk Lithium is the easy and obvious choice!

LED Power Indicator 

Norsk Lithium 15ah Lithium ice fishing battery

The Norsk Lithium 15Ah ice fishing battery has an enormous runtime.  But this little juggernaut will still run out of juice.  Not soon.  But eventually, it will happen.

With the LED power indicator, you can know when.  Just press the button, and the LED Power indicator will let you know how much power your lithium ice fishing battery has left. 

Lithium Ice Fishing Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The Norsk 15Ah ice fishing battery comes equipped with a BMS system to ensure your battery won’t be damaged if you attempt to charge it incorrectly.  

The BMS won’t allow the battery to receive a charge until its internal temperature has warmed to a safe 32F.  Once it’s safe, the BMS will enable your lithium ice fishing battery to recharge, and you’ll be on your way!

Our advanced BMS technology prevents your Norsk 15Ah lithium ice fishing battery from overcharging.  

Even if you completely hook up your lithium ice fishing battery charger to the wrong terminals, the BMS will prevent it from receiving any charge.    

The BMS ensures cell balancing during discharge and charge cycles, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection. 

The Norsk 15Ah lithium ice fishing battery BMS ensures your lithium battery is nearly fool-proofed! 

The Right Lithium Chemistry for the Right Application 

Lithium ion chemistry is the best choice for maximizing your ice-fishing experience.  Many lithium batteries will use LiFePO4 in their ice-fishing applications.  

We also use LiFePO4 in our Marine batteries. In that application, the LiFePO4 chemistry is excellent.  But it has a slight weight problem.  

When you’re carrying that weight, as is the case any time you’re out on the ice chasing fish from one hole to the next, weight savings matters!

Lithium-ion chemistry provides exceptional power while also offering a significant weight advantage.  Lithium-ion batteries have one of the highest energy densities of any battery technology currently available.  

The Norsk 15Ah lithium battery is remarkably potent – and so light – you’ll barely notice it when you charge across the ice to the best spot for feeding time! 

An Ice Fishing Battery That Would Make Your Grandpa Proud 

Or maybe angry.  With all of the advantages of the Norsk 15Ah ice fishing battery, he might say you’re cheating!  

A past generation never dreamed of having all of this in their ice fishing batteries: 

  • Unbeatable Power 
  • Years of Reliability 
  • Compact and Light-Weight 
  • Compatible with Modern Technology 

If you want to take your ice-fishing experience to the next level – we’ve got you covered.  Don’t settle for cheap imitations.  Or ancient, inefficient power sources.  

There’s too much at stake for you to waste your valuable time or money on that trash.  Ice fishing season only lasts so long.  

You shouldn’t have to wait and wonder if your ice fishing battery will power your gear for another year.  With Norsk’s 15Ah ice fishing battery, you can have the confidence to call your buddies, schedule that trip, and make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Check out our 15 Ah ice fishing batteries and more today!  

Don’t forget to grab all the accessories you need to get the most out of your ice fishing experience.  

Norsk Lithium will power your passion so you can enjoy the outdoors fully.  


Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)

Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)