How long does it take to charge my ice fishing battery?

The amount of time required to charge a Norsk Lithium ice-fishing battery depends primarily on two factors.  

First, the battery’s capacity, expressed in Amp Hours.  Second, the output of the charger, expressed in Amps.  

The time it takes to charge a battery comes down to how many amp hours need to be put back into the battery and how many amps of output coming from the charger.  

“If a 20 Amp Hour battery has been discharged 50%, 10 Amp Hours need to be replaced.  If the charger being used to recharge the battery outputs 2 Amps, the battery in question will be fully recharged in 5 hours.” – James Holst

The larger the lithium battery’s capacity, the longer it will take the battery to charge.  Here are the charge times you can anticipate.

Using Standard Charger:

Using Rapid Charger: