How Do You Choose the Absolute Best Lithium Battery?

What is the best lithium battery? What is your favorite fishing lure?  Maybe it’s the tried-and-true Original Floating Rapala?  Or maybe that new single prop Buzzbait?  If you’re an avid angler, the question may make you feel like a parent being asked to choose their favorite kid! 

The reality is that while you may have a favorite lure, the best fishing lure is contingent on when, where, and what you’re fishing for. 

To get the most out of your time outdoors, you need to know the best solutions for the best situations.  From bug spray to bait to batteries. 

If you don’t, opportunities for extraordinary experiences will pass you by.  You’ll risk squandering valuable time being hindered and frustrated by malfunctioning or inefficient equipment. 

Especially with the advances technology provides to the outdoors person.  Your experiences can be fully and predictably powered. 

But most people don’t have the time of expertise to do the research necessary to find the best solutions for their outdoor experiences.

Do you? 

We understand that you can’t be an expert in everything.  So we’ve narrowed our focus to provide you with the best lithium battery information and products available. 

Choosing the best lithium battery is like choosing your favorite fishing lure.  No perfect chemistry exists that will cover all applications.  

At Norsk Lithium our engineers have labored tirelessly to identify and implement the best lithium chemistry composition for each application to ensure our customers have the lightest, most durable, and longest-running batteries powering their devices at their disposal each and every time they head outdoors.

Our Best Lithium Batteries Solve a Past Generation’s Problems

All energy sources have limits.  Gas, oil, solar, lithium-ion.  Calories, even.  They run out and need to be recharged, refilled, or refueled. 

Thankfully, as technology has advanced, so has the efficiency of our energy sources. 

Our best lithium batteries solve several problems that old-school lead-acid batteries could never overcome. 

Lugging around a lead-acid battery is basically a cross-fit workout.  Norsk Lithium’s 100AH 12.8V LIFEPO4 Deep Cycle Battery weighs about 25 pounds. 

The most comparable lead acid battery is a group 31 battery.  It weighs nearly 80 pounds

The difference in weight between a lead-acid and lithium-ion battery is no joke. It changes the game. 

A healthy elementary school kid can help load a lithium-ion battery.  But a healthy adult must be careful not to hurt their back when hauling a lead acid battery. 

A second generational problem our lithium-ion batteries solve is recharging.  Old school lead acid batteries begin to irreversibly decline in performance and efficiency after 100-200 cycles.    

In other words, you get less time out of the battery every time you use it.  As the battery nears the end of its life, its capacity is significantly diminished.

Making matters worse, it’s recommended that you never discharge a lead acid battery below 50% capacity.   Every time you do you’re damaging the battery and shortening its lifespan.

The inefficiency doesn’t stop there.  It’s best to replace lead acid batteries when they drop to 70-80% capacity.  And if you discharge 100% of the battery’s capacity, it can become permanently damaged. 

And then there’s Peukert’s Law.  In the late 19th century, German scientist W. Peukert found that increasing the discharge rate of a lead-acid battery decreases the battery’s capacity. 

For the average outdoors person – that is A LOT of battery care to keep track of.  Don’t draw too much power, don’t discharge it below 50%, and pay attention to when its overall capacity drops below 70%.

That’s way too much maintenance for someone who just wants to troll a windswept shoreline loaded with hungry walleye. 

In contrast, Norsk Lithium’s batteries are designed to have their full stated capacity ready and available to the user without degradation for thousands of charge and discharge cycles.  If one of our batteries says it offers 100 AH of capacity, that’s what you’ll have available to you to power your devices with no fear of causing damage to the battery.

Lithium batteries eliminate frustration and maximize your time with no noticeable drop-off in performance, a significantly lighter weight, and simple recharging capability. 

Different Lithium Batteries Serve Different Purposes

There is no perfect battery solution.  They all run out of juice at some point.  But there are ideal chemistry compositions for particular applications. 

At Norsk Lithium, we always use the best lithium battery chemistry for the right application. 

The LiFePO4 chemistry is exceptional.  It consistently ranks as one of the most efficient and effective energy forms. 

But the composition has a slight weight problem.  While still being far lighter than a lead-acid battery, LiFePO4 batteries are nearly twice as heavy as Lithium-Ion batteries of the same capacity.  

If you’re powering a trolling motor, golf cart, or other motors that will move you, then LiFePO4 is the lithium chemistry you want.  It simply can’t be beaten.  

However, if your lithium battery is supplying power for equipment that you yourself will be lugging around, weight becomes a top concern when it comes to selecting the best chemistry for the application. 

Ponder for a moment an ice sonar unit that is hand-carried from one hole to the next.  Lift the sonar unit, walk to the next hole, set the ice sonar unit down, put the transducer in the hole. Fish.  Then repeat.  Over and over, again.  In this type of scenario, weight matters, and the Lithium Ion chemistry offers as much as a 40% weight savings per amp hour versus LiFePO4.   When compared to a lead acid battery of the same capacity, Lithium Ion often weighs as much as 70% less which allows the user to shed some serious pounds.

Norsk Lithium 20ah lithium battery and LIFEPO4 and Lead Acid Battery weight comparison

That’s why we use lithium-ion batteries for our ice fishing applications.  When you’re on the ice, you typically need to move your sonar and live imaging equipment by hand.  When your electronics are powered by a Norsk Lithium Ion battery you can feel the difference.  Literally.

32ah Norsk Lithium Battery Product PhotoWith a potent and lightweight lithium-ion battery, you can track fish across the ice without weighing yourself down with outdated battery technology.

Our largest, most powerful lithium-ion battery weighs in at less than five pounds.  You’ll barely notice it when you move to your next ice-fishing hole.  A lead acid battery of the same capacity tips the scales at nearly 23 pounds.

And let’s be honest.  You’ve sat at an unproductive ice-fishing hole far longer than you should, simply because you didn’t want to haul all your gear – right?  If mobility is one of the keys to being a successful ice angler tell me again why you’re lugging a heavy battery around out on the ice?

With Norsk Lithium’s cutting-edge technology, this won’t be a problem with your ice-fishing batteries.  We make sure you get the best lithium battery for each application.  

Putting the Best Lithium Batteries to the Test

Professional outdoors people and TV hosts Tom and Caitlin Morton ran a series of tests to determine the effectiveness of Lithium-Ion batteries in cold weather.  Here’s what they found.

Lithium batteries don’t drop much in efficiency when the temperatures drop below freezing.  They have a greater energy density which provides longer life. 

A lithium-ion battery can handle the cold as long as you can! 

The same is not true for lead-acid, though.  Marc Bennet, best-selling author, and full-time RVer, has run multiple tests to determine what’s the best battery for different applications.  

In cold weather, he found that lead-acid batteries are essentially “useless.”  

The lead acid battery was basically useless. The 210amp hour battery bank supplied less than ONE amp hour of power. By comparison, the lithium-ion battery continued to deliver 154 amp hours of power, even with temperatures of around 15 degrees Fahrenheit”

When planning a cold day on the ice, you can have confidence in how long your lithium battery will power your gear. 

However, you need to know that for a lithium-ion battery to charge, it must reach a temperature above 32F.    

The Best Lithium Battery Chemistry for Non-Freezing Temperatures.

At Norsk Lithium, we always use the right chemistry for a particular application.  The best lithium battery chemistry any time you want the highest energy density at the lowest possible weight is Lithium Ion, often referred to as NMC. 

But when your battery is powering equipment that will move you, like when your batteries are nestled safe and secure in the battery compartment of your boat and your outboard motor will be doing the work to move you, your boat AND batteries across the lake, then LiFePO4 is the best lithium battery chemistry.   

The LiFePO4 chemistry composition provides an unmatched discharge rate and a longer life than Lithium Ion (NMC). Essentially, any time the application calls for high amp draw, an ice sonar unit draws 1 Amp per hour while a trolling motor will often require 20+ Amps per hour,  and the weight difference between Lithium Ion (NMC) and LiFePO4 isn’t a key part of the decision making process, LiFePO4 is the chemistry of choice.

This allows our deep cycle batteries to keep your trolling motor or golf cart – and more – running at full capacity for 100% of the battery’s cycle.

100ah Norsk Lithium LifePo4 Deep Cycle Battery Product PhotoOne of our customers, Derek, had this to say:

“One battery powered all my units (93sv, two 106sv, helix 10, livescope, and mega 360) for more than 12 hours! Also got two extras to power my ultrex for a day of river fishing and never ran short on power! Great lithiums to run!”

You cannot overstate how efficient and effective the LiFePO4 chemistry composition is. 

Consider us your well-organized tackle box for finding the right lure.  Er… battery!  We know what the best lithium battery is for each application and we’ve organized our products accordingly. 

You don’t need to be an expert chemist.  We’ve done the research so you can maximize your time in nature.   

The Norsk Lithium Advantage

Our engineers have also developed and integrated a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) to simplify your experience.

With the Norsk Lithium BMS, our lithium batteries monitor themselves so they don’t overheat, freeze, overcharge, and more. Norsk Lithium 15ah best lithium battery showing power status indicator

That means you can spend less time worrying about your batteries and more time enjoying the great outdoors. 

We also incorporated dual USB ports on our smaller capacity batteries so that you can charge any accessory or personal device that connects with a USB charger. 

Add in our LED battery power indicator found on our smaller batteries (7.5 – 32 AH) and Norsk Lithium offers when no other battery on the market can.  

Buy the Best Lithium Battery Today!

Not only does chemistry composition matter, but so does size.  We have all the options you need to power all the devices you use while enjoying the great outdoors. 

When it comes to ice-fishing, our Lithium Ion (NMC)  batteries range from 7.5 – 32 AH  This allows you to power devices from mechanical flashers to large screen digital sonar units with live imaging or 360 sonar knowing you’ll never run short of power out on the ice.

Our 7.5 and 15 AH batteries have been designed to the same dimensions as a standard lead-acid (SLA) battery but with a fraction of the weight.  This ensures our ice-fishing batteries are an easy drop-in replacement for your old lead-acid battery.  

For those enjoying the outdoors in warmer weather, we offer 12.8V lithium batteries with options for 80AH and 100AH

These lithium batteries are perfect for powering trolling motors, golf carts, and more.  We’ve seen people, like reviewer “jonkorte,” affirm that Norsk Lithium batteries keep them fishing for days!

We are committed to providing the average outdoors person with the best possible experience in nature.  The technology exists to ensure days of enjoyment without worrying about inefficient and unpredictable power supplies.   

Everyone should be able to hop on their boat, haul out their ice shanty, or anchor down their kayak – without worrying about running out of power. 

The days of unpredictable and inefficient lead-acid batteries have passed.  You can have a reliable, efficient power source that performs at max capacity for its lifetime. 

You no longer have to lug around heavy batteries that put unnecessary strain on your back and hinders your enjoyment of the outdoors.  Compact and efficient lithium batteries provide all the power you need. 

We have all the lithium batteries, chargers, and accessories you need to take full advantage of your time in nature.    

If you still have questions, we’re here to help!  Just reach out, and one of our welcoming experts will get back to you promptly. 

Norsk Lithium will power your passion so you can fully enjoy the great outdoors.  


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My husband is in love with the 100ah Norsk lithium battery! Bought this battery for my husband for his birthday. Everyday he comes off the water he has to tell me how much he loves it.

– JENNY H (verified purchase)

I bought for my 24 volt Terrova. No more having to pull heavy batteries out every fall and break my back. Plus I have been able to fish all day on windy days with ease on a single charge love it.

– JAKE ELLIS (verified purchase)

My husband is in love with the 100ah Norsk lithium battery! Bought this battery for my husband for his birthday. Everyday he comes off the water he has to tell me how much he loves it.

– JENNY H (verified purchase)

I bought for my 24 volt Terrova. No more having to pull heavy batteries out every fall and break my back. Plus I have been able to fish all day on windy days with ease on a single charge love it.

– JAKE ELLIS (verified purchase)