How to Charge a Lithium Battery for Ice Fishing?

You’ve got your hand on the jig pole and eye on the tip-up.  Breathe in that crisp, fresh winter air.  Drink down some hot coffee.   Absorb the sun’s vitamin D.  That trophy under the water keeps you on the edge of your bucket!  

Little can beat a good day of ice fishing. 

One of the best ways to maximize your ice fishing experience is with the unbeatable power and efficiency of lithium batteries. 

Lithium has revolutionized ice-fishing.  Our batteries have opened up an entire world of technological advances that take your ice-fishing experience to a whole nother level. 

If you have made, or are considering, the jump to the ultra-efficient world of lithium batteries, you need to know how to fully and properly charge a lithium battery. 

A correctly charged lithium battery can power your ice-fishing electronics for hours, even days – without losing efficiency. 

Let’s jump in and learn how to power your passion with Norsk Lithium Batteries. 

How to Charge a Lithium Battery Safely

If you own a cell phone or laptop, you’ve probably been warned about overcharging your battery.  Or draining it. 

The common recommendation to best care for your laptop and phone batteries seems to be not allowing your batteries to run below 20% and not regularly charging them overnight. 

With Norsk Lithium batteries, you won’t have to worry about this. 

Our lithium-ion batteries have the ability to be discharged up to 100% every time they are used.  And that, without any degradation. 

This is a massive advantage when compared to lead-acid batteries.  Yesterday’s lead-acid batteries aren’t supposed to be discharged below 50%, severely limiting their runtime. 

Of course, if you only need to use a percentage of the lithium battery’s capacity, that won’t harm your battery at all.    

Norsk Lithium batteries are also designed with a Battery Monitoring System (BMS).  This system makes it impossible for you to charge your lithium battery for too long.

The BMS will stop a fully charged battery from receiving any more power, effectively shutting down the charger and protecting your battery’s integrity. 

How Long Will it Take to Charge A Lithium Battery For Ice Fishing?

The amount of time required to charge a Norsk Lithium ice-fishing battery depends primarily on two factors.  

First, the battery’s capacity, expressed in Amp Hours.  Second, the output of the charger, expressed in Amps.  

The time it takes to charge a battery comes down to how many amp hours need to be put back into the battery and how many amps of output coming from the charger.  

James Holst, the host of In-Depth Outdoors TV, demonstrates how charge times come down to simple math.  He says this: 

“If a 20 Amp Hour battery has been discharged 50%, 10 Amp Hours need to be replaced.  If the charger being used to recharge the battery outputs 2 Amps, the battery in question will be fully recharged in 5 hours.”  

The larger the lithium battery’s capacity, the longer it will take the battery to charge.  Here are the charge times you can anticipate. Norsk Lithium Ice Battery Group

All Norsk Lithium batteries are built with an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that makes the recharging of our batteries 100% fool-proof.  

With the BMS protecting your battery from overcharging,  simply connect your lithium battery to your charger before you go to bed after a long day on the ice, and rest easy knowing it will be ready to rock when you’re ready to hit the ice in the morning.

There is one catch, though—an angler needs to understand the role the battery’s internal temperature plays when it comes time to recharge.   

How Does Temperature Impact My Ice-Fishing Battery?

Norsk Lithium batteries perform exceptionally well in the cold.   Far better than lead-acid batteries.  Our lithium batteries can handle powering ice sonar units at temps far below what is bearable by even the most warm-blooded human beings.

However, a lithium battery will not be able to receive a charge when its internal temperature is below 32*. 

Consider how your hands feel when you come in from the cold.  Things that normally feel warm, like water from the faucet, feel scalding hot.  It takes a minute for your hands to warm up and for things to feel normal. 

The cold has a similar impact on your lithium-ion batteries.  The current from the charge is too hot when the battery is below 32*.  The lithium battery can’t receive it. 

But don’t worry.  The BMS will protect your battery if you connect your charger before your Norsk Lithium battery has warmed up.   It won’t allow it to receive a charge until it can handle it. 

When your lithium-ion battery’s internal temperature warms sufficiently, the charger will kick on, and you’ll be on your way.  

You don’t need to be concerned should your battery refuse to take a charge immediately after coming off the ice on an exceptionally cold day.  

That’s normal and a sign that the battery’s BMS is doing its job safeguarding the health of your battery.

Can I Charge a Lithium Battery Before it’s Empty?

Yes!  Think about this like your truck’s gas tank.  You can fill it up whenever you want.  The more gas is in the tank, the longer it will run.  The closer your tank is to “E,” the longer it will take to fill up. 

That’s the kind of efficiency Norsk Lithium provides.  You can discharge your lithium-ion battery 100% for thousands of cycles and cause no damage. 

Or you can use just a portion of the battery’s capacity.  It’s worth noting that a Norsk Lithium battery cannot be damaged in any way by recharging a partially discharged battery.  

In fact, we always recommend recharging your battery after each and every use to ensure you’ll have the battery’s full capacity at your disposal.

Can I Use My Lithium Battery Before It’s Fully Charged?

Yes!  Again, consider it like your car’s gas tank.  If you get impatient and don’t want to fill your tank to full, you don’t have to.  The car will still run.  You just won’t be able to log as many miles. 

The same basic process applies to your lithium-ion batteries.  If you disconnect it before it’s fully charged, you won’t do any damage.  You just won’t have as long of runtime as you would if the battery were fully charged. 

One of the unique features Norsk Lithium batteries provide is the LED power indicator.  With the press of a button, you can monitor your battery’s charge progress. 

Norsk Lithium Battery Status Indicator web

Given Norsk Lithium batteries’ power, a partially charged lithium-ion battery may not hinder your ice fishing experience. 

For example, a fully charged Norsk Lithium 15AH battery can power a Humminbird Piranha MAX 4/4DI fish finder for 84 hours! 

If you’re using that setup, you’ll probably be ok for a day on the ice, even if your lithium battery isn’t fully charged.

Does My Lithium Ice-fishing Battery Need a Special Charger?

Yes!  Over 90% of the customer service questions we handle are due to people using the wrong charger with their batteries.

If you want the longest runtimes and maximum longevity, we strongly encourage the use of a battery charger designed for the specific chemistry of your battery.

Norsk Lithium 15ah Battery hooking up to quick connect charger web

Norsk Lithium offers chargers customized to the lithium-ion battery’s chemistry to ensure the best performance for your lithium-ion battery. 

Our 2A 12.6V Lithium-Ion Battery Charger with Quick Connect Harness is perfect for charging our 7.5ah and 15ah “green” batteries.

The 3A 16.8V Lithium-Ion Battery Charger with Quick Connect Harness is ideally suited for the Norsk Lithium 20Ah and 32Ah orange batteries. 

You can purchase the charges on their own.  However, if you’re buying a new lithium-ion battery, some include the charger.   

Are Special Tips or Tricks Required to Charge My Lithium Battery?

There are a few.  Here again, the BMS is your best ice-fishing buddy.  You won’t be able to damage your Norsk ice-fishing battery.  If you do something wrong, the BMS will shut it down. 

All batteries have two terminals – anode and cathode.  Or, for the common ice-fisher, that’s the plus and minus.  

You simply need to connect the plus to the plus and the minus to the minus, and you’re set.  It’s easy.  Take it from one of our satisfied customers, “dave.koonce:”  

“EASY PEASY!! That quick connect harness is perfect!! Charger works perfect!!”

Now, there is one issue you need to account for.  While the BMS will protect your battery if you hook up the charger incorrectly, it will also stop your battery from receiving a charge.  

So if you try to charge your lithium battery before you go to bed – but connect the wrong components – your battery will not charge.  

Double-check and make sure your battery is properly hooked up and charging before you walk away.  

When you do, your Norsk Lithium ice-fishing battery will power your flashers, sonar, cell phone, and more – all day long! 

Don’t Miss Your Chance to be Fully Prepared for Ice Fishing Season

We understand how valuable ice fishing is.  The entire experience can boost your quality of life. 

You can enjoy some solitude or the camaraderie of good friends.  You get outside and breathe fresh air.  When the tip-ups fly, your body gets some of the movement it craves.  

What can compare to the adrenaline you feel when reeling that trophy under the ice?

Good, clean, honest fun is waiting for you on the ice.  Now that you know how to properly charge your lithium battery for ice-fishing, you can power your ice fishing passion. 

Check out the products Norsk Lithium offers to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors fully. 

If you have any questions, just reach out. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your best battery options. 

Enjoying nature is essential for enjoying life.  Especially during the winter.  No one should feel trapped inside just because it’s cold outside. 

Ice fishing gives you something to look forward to all winter long.  With Norsk Lithium powering your ice fishing electronics, you won’t have to miss a fish. 

Unless you don’t set the hook.  But that’s on you!  



  1. Can I charge my 15 ah battery with my Noco Genius pro50 battery at a rate of 10a? Will the BMS stop it if it cannot handle it?

  2. Can i charge my battery while using my fish finder?
    When i check the charge of the battery, it shows 100%, but the red “recharge” light is also on, is that normal? Thanks

    • Hey Mark – yes you can charge the battery while using the fish finder.

      Also – the red recharge light will always stay illuminated if there is power in the battery. A full battery would be 1 red light and 4 green lights.


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Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)

Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)