5 Ways the Norsk Lithium 20.8Ah Live Sonar Battery Takes Your Experience to the Next Level

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas?  Kinda.  Ice fishing season?  Abso-freakin-lutely! 

If you want the best ice fishing experience, having reliable tools at your disposal can make putting a few fish on the ice easier and, hopefully, a lot more enjoyable! 

PJ Vick Ice Fishing

Many of the most noteworthy technological improvements, namely 360 and Live Imaging, wouldn’t be possible without significant advancements in battery technology. 

Would people line up to buy the latest and greatest in Live Imaging sonar technology, knowing that new sonar would require 25 – 30 pounds of lead acid batteries to power it?

Only if you’re a starting NFL offensive lineman!  Let’s not overestimate how hard the average person is willing to work in the pursuit of a fish!  

The advancements in ice fishing created by lithium technology are astounding – and lithium battery technology, due to the extreme weight savings and unmatched energy density, makes it all possible!

If you need power you can rely on to leverage that tech and create new memories, Norsk Lithium has you covered.  

We create the best ice fishing batteries because WE want to use the best ice fishing batteries!  Our batteries are engineered by outdoor enthusiasts who don’t have time or money to waste on ancient tech or cheap knock-offs.  

You’re not going to find a better battery to power your ice fishing passion.  We’ve looked.  Here are five ways the Norsk Lithium 20.8Ah live sonar battery will take your experience to the next level.  

1: The Norsk Lithium 20.8Ah Live Sonar Battery Upgrades Your Ancient Power 

Did you know that your smartphone is about 11 times more powerful than the computers used to guide the Apollo 11? 

That’s crazy!  You have more tech power at your fingertips than Neil Armstrong had available when he took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.  

It’s even crazier, though, that so many people are settling for the same level of technology that people used for ice fishing during that time.  

Lead acid batteries have had their day in the sun.  But the sun has now set on this outdated and inefficient means to store energy and power our favorite devices.   

Here are some of the top reasons ice fishing has moved on from the inherent inefficiencies of lead acid batteries:

  • Egregiously heavy
  • Only supposed to be discharged up to 50% of capacity
  • Experience degradation with every use
  • No “smart” features/incompatible with modern technology 

If you’re still using a lead acid battery to power your ice fishing experience, you are wasting money and missing an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

A 20.8Ah live sonar battery from Norsk Lithium corrects all of these issues.  

2: The Specs You Need in a Live Sonar Battery  

Weighing in at merely 4.20 pounds, Norsk’s 20.8Ah lithium battery is three times lighter than a lead acid battery equivalent.  With Norsk powering your passion, you can be mobile on the ice.  

When your sonar unit shows you that the best bites are waiting across the lake, you shouldn’t be stuck hauling a clunky lead brick across the frozen water.  You need to pack up and move.  Quickly.   

In comparison, you’ll barely even notice our 4.2-pound battery upgrade when you charge over the ice to hit the right hole! 

The compact size (5.9 X 3.85 X 3.70 In) is expertly designed to upgrade your ice-fishing electronics and provide the performance you deserve.

3: The Ice Fishing Performance You Crave  

Even with the efficient size and weight, the Norsk Lithium 20.8Ah battery delivers unmatched power and runtime.  

Our high-quality lithium ion battery cells provide maximum power without any degradation.  It’s engineered so that it can be fully discharged with every use.  This live sonar battery will light up your live imaging units with the same effectiveness from its first 10% to its last.

The Norsk 20.8Ah live sonar battery will run over 1,000 charge cycles and comes with a two-year limited warranty.  

Essentially, you can use the Norsk Lithium 20.8Ah live sonar battery to ice fish 25 times a year – for forty years!  

And even if by some miracle you hit that mark (who wouldn’t want to ice fish 25 times a year?!), your 20.8 Ah battery from Norsk Lithium will still provide a minimum of  80% capacity compared to a brand new battery!

One of our customers, “Mark W,” has been using the 20.8Ah Norsk Lithium battery to power his kayak.  Here’s his experience.

“I’ve been running the Norsk 20.8Ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.”

Customers have taken notice.  So has the ice fishing industry.  

Standard Battery for the Humminbird Ice Helix 9 Mega Live

The Norsk 20.8Ah live sonar battery can meet the demand for high-power draw digital units with larger displays and is optimized for all-day performance. 

How good is it, you ask?!

Sonar manufacturers like Humminbird tested batteries from various battery manufacturers for cold-weather performance, durability, and safety.

Norsk Lithium came out on top! 

That’s why Humminbird includes Norsk live imaging batteries in their bundled Mega 360 and Mega Live combo packages.  

You likely don’t have the time or resources to conduct exhaustive battery performance tests.  Thankfully, one of the leading names in sonar, Humminbird, has already done that.  

Are we pounding our chest a little?  Yeah, but can you blame us?!  

We can tell you Norsk Lithium makes an excellent battery til the cows come home, but when one of the most respected names in sonar provides its stamp of approval – that carries some weight.  

And we hope it gives you, our customer, the confidence to trust Norsk Lithium to power your ice electronics for years to come.

humminbird mega live with Norsk Lithium 20ah battery

4: Engineered for the 21st Century

With Norsk Lithium powering your passion, you don’t have to fish like a caveman.  The 20.8Ah live sonar battery maximizes what lithium technology offers so that you can ice fish in the 21st century.   

Dual USB Ports 

The Norsk 20.8Ah Lithium battery comes equipped with a patent-pending, dual USB port setup. 

These allow you to power your cell phone, go-pro, or nearly any USB-compatible device while your lithium battery powers your fish finder.  

Norsk Lithium 20Ah battery with top view of the battery status indicator

LED Power Indicator 

The Norsk 20.8Ah lithium battery has an enormous runtime.  But it will eventually run out of juice.

With the LED power indicator, you can know when.  Just press the button, and the LED Power indicator will let you know how much power your lithium battery has left. 


Live Sonar Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The Norsk 20.8Ah Lithium Battery BMS makes it fool-proofed and worry-free.  As a live sonar battery ought to be.   

The BMS won’t allow the battery to receive a charge until its internal temperature has warmed to a safe 32F.  Once it’s safe, the BMS will allow the lithium battery to recharge, and you’ll be on your way!

Our advanced BMS technology also prevents your Norsk 20.8Ah live sonar battery from overcharging.  

Even if you hook up your lithium ion battery charger to the wrong terminals, the BMS will prevent it from receiving any charge.    

The BMS ensures cell balancing during discharge and charge cycles, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection. 

Charger Included! 

About 90% of the customer service issues we encounter are due to people using the incorrect charger with their ice fishing battery.  

While the lead acid battery charger in your garage can technically give your lithium live sonar battery some juice, it can damage the battery.  

The chemistry is different.  And the voltage may be as well. 

But don’t worry, a 3A 16.8V live sonar battery charger comes included. Properly charging your live sonar battery will ensure it reaches its max life span – and powers your passion.

Norsk Lithium Ion Battery Charger

5: Mobility in mind

You know that to enjoy ice fishing fully, you need to be able to move easily.  You can’t help it if the fish don’t bite.  But you can know where they are.  

Sonar systems and live imaging units can show you where the best bites are waiting.  However, these gadgets and gizmos are bulky and clunky.  Not much you can do about that. 

But if you have to lug around a 25-pound lead-acid battery, racing to the next hot spot won’t be easy. 

That’s why lithium-ion chemistry is the best choice for ice-fishing batteries.  Many of our competitors will use LiFePO4 in their ice-fishing applications.  

We also use LiFePO4 in our Marine batteries.  In that application, LifePO4 truly excels. But LiFePO4 does have a slight weight problem.  

Lithium ion chemistry provides exceptional power while also offering a significant weight advantage.  Lithium ion batteries have one of the highest energy densities of any battery technology currently available.  

The Norsk 20.8Ah lithium battery is remarkably potent – and so light – you’ll barely notice it when you charge across the ice to the best spot for feeding time! 

The Live Sonar Battery You Need is Here!  

The ice fishing experience you deserve is here.  Norsk Lithium can power your passion with the following:

  • Years of Reliability 
  • Unbeatable Power 
  • Compatible with Modern Technology 
  • Compact and Light-Weight Casing

If you want to take your ice-fishing experience to the next level – we’ve got you covered.  Don’t settle for cheap imitations.  Or ancient, inefficient power sources.  

You only get to spend so much time on the ice each year.  Don’t waste a moment.  Don’t miss the opportunity to make memories.  

Check out our 20.8Ah live sonar battery and more today!  

Don’t forget to grab all the accessories you need to get the most out of your ice fishing experience.  

Norsk Lithium will power your passion so you can enjoy the outdoors fully.  


Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)

Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)