Meet the Beast: Norsk Lithium 32Ah Live Imaging Battery 

Warning: This article is only for serious ice anglers.  If you’re the type of person that lives and breathes ice fishing and flat-out cannot accept anything but the very best from your equipment… and you’d rather skip meals and forgo sleep than accept a skunk out on the ice…

We’ve got the live imaging battery you need! 

We get it.  We’re done being burned, burdened, and bogged down by old, inefficient, and unreliable lead acid batteries.  

Norsk Lithium is here to power your passion so you can catch the fish and create the moments that will make your buddies green with envy!  

For the Best Ice Fishing Battery – Lead is Dead 

Lead acid batteries are such a farce.  Sure, they served their purpose in their time.  But that train left the station years ago.  

One of the best things about ice fishing is the sense of immersion you experience.  You’re dialed in.  Watching the sonar system.  Eye on the tip-up.  Jigging in rhythm.  Driving those walleye crazy! 

And then, your “dumb” lead-acid battery that you just replaced for the third time two years ago starts to do that low-voltage “thing” again which makes your Humminbird Mega Live start to flicker, sputter and dim.  

Immersion – interrupted.  At this point all you can think about is the distance you could get if you were to toss your old lead acid battery shotput style!  

Sure, you might not make the USA Olympic Team with your toss but MAN would it feel good.  We’ve been there.  We feel ya’!  

Serenity now!

Instead of being caught up in a moment, enjoying the outdoors, anticipating pulling that trophy up through the hole – you’re stuck trying to get the last bit of juice out of that ancient lead brick of battery so you don’t waste all of the time, effort, and energy you spent to get out on the ice.  

Stop and think about how much of a sham lead-acid batteries are:

  • Experience degradation with every use
  • Only supposed to be discharged up to 50% of capacity 
  • No “smart” features/incompatible with modern technology 
  • Egregiously heavy 

Introducing the Best Live Imaging Battery on the Market: Norsk Lithium 32Ah  

The beast is here!  The Norsk Lithium 32Ah live imaging battery pummels the competition.  

And keeps running.  

Weighing in at a mere 4.85lbs, the Norsk Lithium 32Ah ice fishing battery is more than five times lighter than a lead-acid battery equivalent!  

The compact size (5.9 X 3.85 X 3.70 In) is expertly designed to upgrade your ice-fishing electronics and provide the performance you deserve.  

Even with the efficient size and weight, the Nork Lithium 32Ah live imaging battery delivers unmatched power and runtime.  It provides 60% more power – at the same size and nearly the same weight as our 20Ah ice fishing battery.  

No live imaging battery on the market can compete with the Norsk Lithium 32 AH battery’s unbeatable combination of weight to energy capacity.

It’s like packing the Incredible Hulk’s power into Spud Web’s body.  If you demand all-day power for your Humminbird Mega 360 or Garmin Livescope and you’re sporting a 10” plus sonar display out there on the ice all we have to say is “bring it on!” 

Our 32 AH live imaging battery will give you the confidence you need to know you have the power to fish from sun-up to sundown and then some! 

The Norsk 32Ah Ice Fishing Battery Out Performs the Rest 

Our high-quality lithium-ion battery cells provide maximum power without any degradation.  We refuse to compromise quality with b-grade technology.  

The Norsk 32Ah live imaging battery is engineered to meet the demand for high-power draw digital units with larger displays and is optimized for all-day performance.

The sonar industry has taken notice. Sonar manufacturers like Humminbird, tested batteries from a range of battery manufacturers, for cold-weather performance, durability, and safety.

Norsk Lithium came out on top! 

That’s why Norsk ice fishing batteries are included from Humminbird in their bundled Mega 360 and Mega Live combo packages. 

Humminbird Ice Helix 9 MSI+ with Norsk Live Imaging Battery

You likely don’t have the time or resources to conduct exhaustive battery performance tests.  Thankfully one of the leading names in sonar, Humminbird, has already done that.  

Are we pounding our chest a little?  Yeah, but can you blame us?!  

We can tell you Norsk Lithium makes a great battery til the cows come home but when one of the most respected names in sonar provides its stamp of approval – that carries some weight.  

And we hope it gives you, our customer, the confidence to trust Norsk Lithium to power your ice electronics for years to come.

So let’s talk about longevity.  The Norsk 32Ah ice fishing battery will provide thousands of charge-discharge cycles.  You can fish 25 times a year for the next 40 years before hitting that 1000 charge cycles threshold. 

At that point, your Norsk Lithium live imaging battery will still provide 80% of its original capacity.  Are you ice fishing 25 days a year?  We wish!  Most anglers can only dream of spending this much time on the ice.

A 32AH Live Imaging Battery Engineered for the 21st Century 

Lead-acid batteries were designed to power yesterday’s technology.  Lithium technology has accelerated the growth of ice fishing electronics. 

Your grandpa would have never dreamed of what Norsk Lithium’s 32Ah ice fishing battery can do.  

Live Imaging Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The Norsk Lithium 32Ah ice fishing battery BMS makes it fool-proofed and worry-free.  

The BMS won’t allow the battery to receive a charge until its internal temperature has warmed to a safe 32F.  Once it’s safe, the BMS will allow the lithium battery to recharge, and you’ll be on your way!

Our advanced BMS technology also prevents your Norsk 32Ah live imaging battery from overcharging.  

Even if you connect your live imaging battery charger to the wrong terminals, the BMS will prevent it from receiving any charge.    

The BMS ensures cell balancing during discharge and charge cycles, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection. 

Dual USB Ports 

Norsk Lithium 32ah Lithium Battery Showing USB Ports
Norsk Lithium Dual USB Ports

Just because cavemen caught fish doesn’t mean you must fish like them.  

The Norsk 32Ah Lithium battery’s patent-pending dual USB ports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the 21st century. 

Power your cell phone, Go-Pro, or nearly any USB-compatible device while your lithium battery powers your fish finder.  

LED Power Indicator 

Norsk Lithium Battery Status Indicator

The Norsk 32Ah lithium live imaging battery has an enormous runtime.  But it will run out of juice.  Eventually.

With the LED power indicator, you can quickly check on the remaining runtime.  Just press the button, and the LED Power indicator will let you know how much power your lithium battery has left. 

Charger Included! 

Norsk Lithium Ion Battery Charger
3A 16.8V Lithium Ion Battery Charger w/ Quick Connect Harness INCLUDED

About 90% of the customer service issues we encounter are due to people using the incorrect charger with their ice fishing battery.  

While the lead acid battery charger in your garage can technically give your lithium live imaging battery some juice, it can damage the battery.  

The lead acid battery and a Lithium Ion battery certainly don’t share the same chemistry.  And the voltage output by the charger almost certainly isn’t designed to charge a Lithium Ion battery.

But don’t worry, a 3A 16.8V Lithium Ion Battery charger comes included to make things as fool-proof as possible. Properly charging your ice fishing battery will ensure it reaches its max life span – and powers your passion for years, and years, and years to come!  

A 32Ah Live Imaging Battery Engineered with You in Mind 

One of the keys to maximizing your ice fishing experience is the ability to be mobile.  It’s one thing if the fish won’t bite.  It’s another if there’s no fish where you are.  

Sonar systems and live imaging units are tools that give mobile anglers the ability to put in some work and efficiently track down their next hot bite.  

But there is a catch that has to be addressed that can be summed up in one word: mobility. 

If you’re hesitant to move from one spot where the fish aren’t to a new spot where the fish might be – what’s the point, right?

By necessity, these gadgets and gizmos are bulky and clunky.  When it comes to a 360 or Live Imaging system, regardless of the sonar brand, we’re talking about larger digital sonar screens and a bulky transducer mounted on a pole.  

There’s just not much you can do about that form-factor.  It is what it is.  

But that battery? Now there’s something you CAN change.  If you choose wisely, you can save some major weight.  

But if you have to lug around a 25-pound lead-acid battery, staying on the move won’t be easy.  Actually, moving that 25-pound battery from one hole to the next sounds pretty awful.  

That’s why we use Lithium-Ion chemistry in our ice fishing batteries.  Many lithium batteries will use LiFePO4 in their ice-fishing applications.  

We also use LiFePO4 in our marine applications.  It’s excellent.  But it has a slight weight problem.  

Lithium ion chemistry provides exceptional power with a significant weight advantage.  Lithium ion batteries have one of the highest energy densities of any battery chemistry currently available.  

The Norsk 32Ah Lithium Ion live imaging battery is remarkably potent – and so light – you’ll barely notice it when you charge across the ice to the best spot for feeding time!  

Let’s put this in perspective.  Norsk Lithium’s 32 Ah battery weighs LESS than the 7 Ah lead acid battery that came with your first mechanical flasher when you first started ice fishing.  Like a pound and a half, less. Let that soak in for a minute.

My, how far we’ve come when it comes to battery technology!

The ice fishing experience you’ve dreamed of is here.  Norsk Lithium can power your passion with:

  • Unbeatable Power 
  • Years of Reliability 
  • Compact and Light-Weight Casing
  • Compatible with Modern Technology 

If you want to take your ice-fishing experience to the next level – we’ve got you covered.  Don’t settle for cheap imitations.  Or ancient, inefficient power sources.  

There’s too much at stake for you to waste your valuable time or money on that trash.  Ice fishing season only lasts so long.  

You shouldn’t have to wait and wonder if your live imaging battery will power your gear for another year.  With Norsk’s 32Ah ice fishing battery, you can have the confidence you need to call your buddies, schedule that trip, and make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Check out our 32Ah live imaging battery and more today!  

Don’t forget to grab all the accessories you need to get the most out of your ice fishing experience.  

Norsk Lithium will power your passion so you can enjoy the outdoors fully.   


Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)

Very light, ran my Vexilar for 2 full days so far and haven’t recharged. Trying to see what I can get, but very impressed. The USB’s are great as my phone battery doesnt last in the cold so I have used it in the shack to recharge that a few times as well. Awesome product!

– TONY (verified purchase)

I’ve been running the Norsk 20ah for 4 weeks now. Never do I have to worry about power while out in my kayak. This thing is a beast.

– MARK W (verified purchase)